Chatelaine Monthly Officer Report for Mar 2020

Number of Newcomer Contacts

# New to the SCA

# Returning to the SCA
# Transfers From Another Kingdom/Group

Where Did You Meet Any Newcomers?

What, if any, Newcomer Education did you conduct?

What Recruiting and Retention Activities did you conduct?
Well in February we had a demo at the Big Red Comic con at Bell Air high school. We set up some fighting exhibitions, samples of some A&S and armor, as well as a performance by our choir. The comic con was attended by quite a number of people. We set out a sign up for our newsletter and handed out a number of cards with links to our website.

In What Areas Would You Like Assistance and/or Help?

Future Plans and/or Comments
Due to the current state of the world we have put on hold our recruiting plans but we will continue to support our current members as much as we can through this difficult time.