Arts and Sciences Monthly Officer Report for Sep 2019

Local A&S Events
o Leather Belt Pouch pouch workshop; Location- Baronial Estates. #’s in attendance, 7

o Silk Banner painting workshop; Location- Baronial Estates. #’s in attendance… 14, actual projects worked on and completed, 10

Individual Achievements Reported to the A&S Minister
o Ty reports Beer, Beer, Beer, and a Kitchen camp box beer…. hmmmm no entirely sure what a kitchen camp box beer, its probably something along the lines of a michelob ultra or something 🙂

o Don Carlos has been working on a ciriculum of historial fencing lessons from the master nicoletta giaganti… might tap him for a waltzing class…. kinda like fencing….

oUmamah Bint Zayd Al-Andalusiyyah reports that she has been sharing secrets… er i mean teaching! thats it teaching cleasses at pensic; youth kumihimo disk, Beginning Kute uchi(Japanese Hand Looping), 13 loop flat 8 ridge Japanese armor lacing cords, European Finger looping- 7 loop Spanish, field tested this class Turkish Diagonal woven Button traditional style.

o Mark Jackson reports that he is teaching middle eastern drumming

o Ralph is working on putting a brew class together for the citizen of the citadel

o Tina Lommen help deliver a bunch of kids *baby goats* good information to share with some scottish border reavers for a few shillings….

o Ellie sings that the baronial choir calyx harmoniae has been practising, and that she attended pensic and sang with the known world choir as well as helped blue tariq’s face… i mean document his indigo project with friends from nahrun

o Tariq has been working on a hand dying indigo project and looking like a smurf aftwerwards 🙂 but lots of tiraz bands and fabric dyed indigo. also some resist block printing, and making the blocks outta wood, made a bardiche for heavy fighting, 2 more break down benches, and a wooden box to go with his electric chandleir that

o Jai T Perkins has been researching dragons (though i think she has been hunting them cause i cant find any in this geographic region

o Lord Edmund has been doing lots of tablet weaving as well as participating in Caylax Harmoniae

o I happen to know that things are in to works for some really cool Artsy Fartsy Sciency stuff and things for Seige/Edriks, as well as coronation. I hope every is looking forward to it as much as we are. I hope my readers got some giggles as well as a good snapshot into the month of Aug, see y’all next month!