Arts and Sciences Monthly Officer Report for Nov 2019

Local A&S Events
Much of the month was prepping for coronation, so we didnt have any arts and science dedicated nights or workshops, but Calyx Harmonie was hard at work prepping for the Renn Fair at the beginning of Nov, as well as Coronation, here is the report from them :

Calyx Harmoniae:
Regular members: René E. Castañeda, Jack L Horn III, Ana Maria Johnson, Eddie Mendoza, Rita Mock, Casandra Munoz, Amanda Park, Elieth Salazar, Richard Shelburne, Victor Singleton, Tiffany Ward (John Saranza Stout), Dolores Zambrano.
Recent attendees: Brown and Santos
Support staff: George Maloof, John Saranza Stout, Nate Mankel
Practice every Monday night of the month preparing for Las Cruces Ren Faire and Coronation.
Field Trip to watch a concert.
Performed at Las Cruces Ren Faire on Saturday and Sunday for an hour each day.

Individual Achievements Reported to the A&S Minister
Jessa Reports that she has been workiong on scrolls, baking bread, and construction of a set piece for the barony for Coronation

Nate reports that he has been assisting in the set piece for coronation as well as giving a lending hand in bits and bobs for Tariq’s Elevation

Jai has a surprise she has been working on, but using my brain and the science of deduction, she is bringing surprise pizza some where

al Hasan Tariq has been busy busy busy, designing, and cutting, printing blocks for himself, and other, as well as designing motifs, and clothing. he took a dive into animal husbandry, and has a small herd of camels now…. Tariq would like to thank Raul and Patricia, and Monica for assisting in the elevation projects

Corin says she has been working on stuf for Tariqs elevation

Halima has been making hers and her brothers clothes

Raul has done 3 silk painted banners

Eddie has been cooking for elevation and for the crown as well

Tina has been making cheese and and starting to make candy for the friendly neighborhood arts and science man ….. just kidding! (but for real)

Thank, thats all i have to report for the month, slow month, and hopefully it will pick back up again after coronation!