Arts and Sciences Monthly Officer Report for Jun 2019

Local A&S Events
o The Barony Continued to have practice for the Choir (Calyx Harmonia) completing 3 Monday night practices with an average of 8 to 10 members attending and singing.

o The HL Edmund continued to host his class on Tablet weaving, completing 2 lessons, 1 on setting up the warp of the weave, and pattern reading.

o The A&S minister with Guidance from HE, hosted a small workshop to hep design and put together new war tabards, with 1 completed, and parts for 5 more cut out ready to sew.

Individual Achievements Reported to the A&S Minister
The members of the populace have reported, and have a great deal to report as everyone has been busy busy busy crafting away, and researching through the depths of musty libraries, and ancient scrolls. As follows:

o Ty Sponchia and Ralph Barker both have been brew fine beverages for which to sip upon in an adult manner in the forms of Beer, Wine and Meade

o Ty Sponchia and Tariq both have assembled wooden seats to sit upon and rest ( i cant help but wonder if they are for sipping adult beverages…. )

o Tariq has been a busy prepping for a block printing class for Battlemore, as well as block printing fabric for some one to use, tooling a squires belt.

o Both Tariq and Umamah Bint Zayd Al-Andalusiyyah have been conducting lots of research into the many facets of life with in our time frame of the SCA such as conducting a Haji (pillgrimage) and research for classes.

o the HL Edmund put together classes for tablet weaving as well as constructed a adufe

o Jai T Perkins and Rita worked on illumination of manuscripts and such.

o Ellie worked with Calyx Harmoniae and the Stag Choir

o Balthazaar worked on designing a new chest piece for his wams with a citadel war ensign on it.

o Albrecht and HE Bernardo worked on a new design for a war tabard for the barony

In keeping with good faith and tradition, the members of the populace of the citadel have been ever busy at preparing for war, and for themselves to maintain the highest skill levels, chivalry, honor.