Arts and Sciences Monthly Officer Report for Jul 2019

Local A&S Events
o At Battlemoor, citadel traveled and:
~ HE Tariq taught a block printing class
~Hagr won the Cordial Competition
~Skorl Took Brew Master
~ Ralph won Peoples Choice

o HE Tariq hosted a workshop for a gothic style wooden bench. 7 benches were made (11 people attended)

Individual Achievements Reported to the A&S Minister
Individuals of the Barony have reported to me:

o Erik, working on Saya for his katana and various Japanese themed garb pieces

o Carlos, has been constricting a wooden Gothic bench and creating historical fencing lessons

o Jai T Perkins has been workings on scrolls an illumination

o Andy has been delivering the southern outlands fisty cuffs to other baronies

o Victor has been signing in the Stags Choir, Caylx Harmonia, Tablet weaving, and calligraphy

o Ellie, did leather work making a vambrace with burned etching on it, participated in stags choir and calyx harmonia, participated in drumming, started a new scroll (assisted her lil ones in crafting resulting in some necklaces and a painting being made)
o Tariq, hosted and taught the gothic take down bench making class, made 3 benches total, leather working making a secret cellphone case, massive massive ammounts of block printing, lots of reserach on new stuff for block printing (resists) a few period dishes and a new period style rattan weapon, likened to a bardiche

o Ralph, brewed brew brewed and brewed some more, refining secret recipes to make large scale period batches

o Rita made 4 scrolls

o Mark (white Mt) taught a beginners middle eastern drumming class

o Kate made a pilgrim bag

o Tina, researched more period foods for future use as well as put together a hydro bellum class

o Albrecht, did nothing of importance


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