Hey Gamers, Citadel Has a Discord Server

If you play video games you’ve probably heard of all the voice communication platforms from Ventrilo to Teamspeak, Mumble and even Discord. Lots of communities use it, not just gaming communities and Citadel has a server that we use to share the latest news, calendar events and other reminders as well. Looking for people to game with? Jump on our Discord. Have questions about an event or whether or not Archery is a go? Hop on Discord.

The Discord is equipped with a Calendar and an announcement bot that automatically shares the news articles from booth our Google Calendar and our Website. There are also groups for each of the different councils, Fighters, Arts and Science, and Recruiting and Retention. Join today and get the latest updates right to your mobile device. You can also check out if some of your friends are playing the same games you are and slay Orcs in the name of the Barony!

Our Discord resource page has the link to join the server on it and also some basic instructions to get you hooked up with us on the server.