Her Royal Majesty’s Court Report for Hastilude LIII

Greetings Unto Their Royal Majesties and the Mighty Blue Iris Herald

Here is a list of the awards given at Hastilude, Saturday evening August 25th.

Patricia of the Citadel – AoA – Not present; Handed off to The Baron and Baroness of Citadel.
Silas Ian Clayton – AoA – Citadel
Seamus McGlacken – AoA – Citadel
Lady Raelina de Chevira – Stags Heart – al Barran
Daniel of the Citadel – AoA
Gaius Marius Valerius – AoA – Citadel
Rados Schaivone – Silver Tyne – al Barran
Geoffrey – AoA – Nahrun Kabriun
Johan von Horne – AoA – Citadel
Dragoslava – Argent Hart – Nahrun Kabriun

Thus concludes the business conducted in Her Majesties court at Hastilude.

Humbly Submitted,

Sir Rowland de Grey