Citadel has its new Rook Pursuivant!

We would like to congratulate and welcome m’lord Johan von Horne as our new Baronial Herald or Rook Pursuivant.  We would like to thank him for volunteering for this noble office and look forward to working with him.  He will be officially sworn in at Citadel Hastilude on August 25 but can be consulted with for any of your heraldic needs.

Baronial Herald for The Citadel of the Southern Pass is a titled position (Rook Pursuivant) in the College of Heralds, as well as a Greater Office of the Barony. The primary responsibility of the Rook is to serve the heraldic needs of the Barony (voice, book, and Court); in addition, the Rook should support heraldic education and encourage heraldic activity throughout The Citadel. Like many Officers of the Citadel, the Rook is encouraged to select and maintain a staff of deputies as required and accepted by the Baron and Baroness—this is a great way to share the work, as well as train potential successors to the office. Candidates for the office of Rook Pursuivant must be at least 18 years of age, and if appointed must remain both a paid member of the SCA and a citizen of the Outlands during their term of office. The Rook must remain regularly reachable via email, and must be directly reachable by their Excellencies for urgent communications. The Rook must also be able to attend events as required by the office, or designate a representative to attend in their place.

Responsibilities include maintaining communication with White Stag Principal Herald and attending meetings as a Greater Officer of The Citadel of the Southern Pass (monthly business meetings) and a member of the College of Heralds (attendance at White Stag meetings at Crown events is encouraged, but not required). Rook holds in safekeeping the property of the office, including the herald’s regalia and the Baronial library. Specific functions of the office, which may be performed by Rook or a designated deputy, include; supplying and organizing field and heralds and Town Criers as required for Citadel events, consulting on heraldic submissions for the populace of the Citadel, making heraldic submissions on behalf of the Barony for official business, organizing Court activity and coordinating Court protocol, acting as personal herald for the Baron and Baroness, and heralding Their Excellencies’ Court.