Citadel Chatelaine

Good Morning Citadel! Her Excellency and I would like to thank Lord Esteban de Leon (Gabe Carrejo) for his service as our Baronial Chatelaine during the last 14 months. We are grateful for your efforts and we wish you the best of luck in your new adventure in service to our nation. We also look forward to your return home for visits.

With the stepping down of Lord Esteban, the Citadel is looking for a gentle who would be willing to step up as our Barony’s Chatelaine. The Chatelaine’s primary job within the SCA is to welcome newcomers to our Current Middle Ages and to help them become familiar with our customs and traditions.

The Chatelaine should be proactive about seeking out new members in the form of coordinating demos, etc. and offer to help them find the information they need to make the SCA an enjoyable experience. The Chatelaine will be able to inform new members about the activities available in the area, introduce them to local members, especially guild heads and officers, and help them borrow or acquire appropriate gear.

If you are interested and would like further information or details, please contact ourselves or our Baronial Seneschal, Lady Aiofe (Debra Carrejo).

Letters of intent to hold this office should he sent to, and