Citadel Baronial Champions — Siege of the City

Baronial Champions

This year we’re doing things a little bit differently as we host our Champions event at Siege of the City as part of an effort to work more closely with our brothers and sisters around our neck of the woods. Nahrun has been gracious enough to allow us to hold these events there and I couldn’t be more pleased with the connections we’ve built between our groups. Each of the different Champions will have their events spread throughout the event and we’re looking to align them to several themes and values according to what it means to be a member of Citadel.

A Champions’ Values

In our society, Chivalry, Honor, and Courtly Behavior are elements of Courtesy we seek to further and place above all else. A Champion should be a scion of talent and these values that reflect the best aspects of our populace. No matter which Champion we examine, they should all reflect the very best of our Barony. Champions of Citadel must be able to demonstrate Courtesy, Courtly Etiquette, Chivalry, and act as a friend to the populace at all times. At the center of this push for recognizing our Champions for Citadel, the rules of the competitions will be driven by these concepts. Each competition will grant an edge to the competitor who demonstrates possession of their own livery (a banner, token, or some item displaying their Arms or the Arms of the Barony and/or Kingdom) and the support of a consort (again, can be a favor or token from their consort). Understanding the importance of livery and consorts are an aspect of our society that bears celebrating. Both of these elements are present at our Crown Tournament and should be included in all sports and competitions that draw out the very best in us as members of the populace of the Outlands.

The Events

Heavy and Light Combat

Heavy will be fought with weapon styles set per round with a choice of weapon selected through drawn lots to determine who will decide which weapon style. Each fighter will be expected to present themselves to the Baron along with a display of their livery and consort. Fighters who demonstrate possession of livery and present their consort before the Baron can earn up to two extra “lives” in the tournament.

The tournament will be fought round by round with a weapon style announced promptly before that round begins. Fighters will be given two “lives” and can earn up to two extra “lives.” The tournament will continue until there is a decided winner. The final bout of combat will be at the discretion of the Baron.

Archery and Youth Archer

The Champion will be decided at Coronation in November due to the restrictions at the site regarding Archery. Further details will be provided to the Populace at a later date.

Arts and Sciences / Youth Arts and Sciences

For A&S, please refer to the follow document prepared by our current reigning A&S and Youth A&S Champions:


The Bardic Championship will be held Saturday evening as we all gather together to celebrate the deeds of the day. Baronial Bardic Champion should be ready to share their talents in prepared pieces, but also offer up glorious stories of feats and accomplishments of the day to recognize the good deeds of the populace. This will consist of a prepared performance piece and then a round of stories from earlier that day to demonstrate that the Champion is able to observe and then share the glory of populace achievements.

Championship Disclaimer

As with all things grand and well meaning, these rules are subject to change at the whim of Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, or His Excellency of Citadel.