Baronial Letter for January 2021

Greetings once again, dear reader,

We have begun Officer Meetings once more after a bit of hiatus while many of our officers attended to mundane matters. We covered quite a bit of territory in discussing the future of the Barony and I’m very pleased to share with you the game plan we’ve developed as a team. Everyone very quickly came to a consensus on the plan and I’m looking forward to getting back to having fun with old friends and new. Currently, the latest word around the halls is that June 1st is the reopening date pending any changes in the circumstances around the country.

The plan is to roll out events between locally focused (Minor) and Kingdom-wide open (Major) events scaled to the resources available to the Barony. The goal is to host two Major events and several Minor ones as we are able. If we cannot secure resources meaning people to plan it at least 6 months out, then we will cancel it for that year and try again in the next. We will also seek to coordinate events and share resources as much as possible with other nearby groups to help ease ourselves back into some degree of normalcy.

It is expected that there will be clearer guidance provided the closer we get to June, but it is not pre-determined what will happen as of yet. There are many different factors to consider at several levels between us and the BOD.

Thank you to everyone who is standing by, helping out, and getting eager to get back together and enjoy the SCA as one big family.


Bernardo dei Medici
13th Baron of the Citadel of the Southern Pass

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