Baronial Letter for December

Greetings to the mighty Populace of Citadel,

As we move forward into the new year we face new challenges and many see the change in annum as an opportunity to make a difference. I appeal to your sense of optimism and hope for the future as we navigate this adventure we call life.

The SCA is an organization of honor, chivalry, and virtuous ideals. We can become cynical or negative in our view of the world and others when faced with life’s obstacles. As students and examiners of history we can easily cite grave events that toppled empires and nations alike. Despite the ongoing events throughout the world today, I encourage you to focus locally on your friends and family to find the good in our collective lives. We don’t often know the details of events or the struggles of our neighbors or even those closest to us, but we can do better by being good communicators. I encourage you to openly communicate, break bread with your fellow humans, and share in the hospitality that spreads positivity to remind us of why we get involved in organizations like the SCA.

Recently several members of the Kingdom met to address the technological challenges we face not only due to COVID, but also as an ongoing matter as a direct result of STAGSCON. Better access to reporting, transparency in process and systems, and overall ways to make our lives easier were the main focus areas coupled with a showcasing of current and potential technologies available to us. While things may be quiet locally, we are preparing for a return to a rush of activity and events.

Speaking of which, on the 21st of January at 7PM on Google Meet we will be hosting our next Officer Meeting. The link to the meeting can found by clicking the previous highlighted text or by visiting The great thing about Google Meet is that this URL will always be the same for all of our Officer Meetings unless we change it on the calendar. My goal for this meeting is to get us all back on track with the admin plan we developed last year and talk about how to transition back to in person events as we react to BOD and local government directives.

Thank you to those who have been staying in touch via email, phone/text, or making other arrangements. It has made this difficult time easier by maintaining human contact and reminding us all that, “this too shall pass.”

Yours In Service,

HE Bernardo dei Medici

13th Baron of the Citadel of the Southern Pass

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