Baronial Calendar Migration

We have migrated our official Baronial Calendar over to the new Google for Non-Profits accounts as of today. The reason for this change was numerous, not the least of which was to ensure that no official business is being conducted over personal accounts. This effort is being undertaken in an age of data and privacy breaches in order to better protect your information and to ensure a larger degree of professionalism as part of your Officer corps for the Barony. As we grow, we want to ensure our process is as flexible and responsive for 10 people as it is for 1000. Having standardized, official accounts for email and our calendar help us achieve that.

You will always be able to find our official calendar by going to the Events and Activities menu up top on the website. You can also visit the calendar itself directly at

The calendar page has a link to an article that will teach you how to add the calendar to your phone/mobile device.