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How to Find the Kingdom Newsletter

The Outlandish Herald The Kingdom’s Newsletter is something that serves as a central hub of all the official information about events, officers, and many other useful things. Ever had a question on when and where an event was going to be? Most of us just rush over to Facebook to look, but the official record …

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Baronial Letter for May 2019

Unto the Populace of the Citadel of the Southern Pass, Greetings. I hope this missive finds you well and in good health for this month of May in the common reckoning of years known as 2019. As I enter into the first month of my tenure as your Baron I am grateful to everyone for …

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Game of Creative Anachronisms

All the Glory, None of the Spilled Guts Now that the Long Night is over from Game of Thrones and spoilers abound; armchair generals are spilling out onto the internet with all of their After Action Reports and “how terrible the battle plan was” while I’m just sitting over here polishing my helmet because I …

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Citadel’s Social Media Presence… and so can you!

Our Barony is one of the more forward looking branches in the SCA thanks to our amazing populace and hustle when it comes to working to stay in compliance with Society Corpora and policies while thinking outside the box. In order to keep pushing those boundaries we need your help. Some of our platforms need …

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Signoria? What’s That?

What is this Signoria thing? It was the system of government used by medieval Florence that combined the nobility with the rise of the burgher class into a way to govern the city-state. It took on several forms throughout its existence and worked in concert with other elected councils. Some councils were permanent while others …

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April Signoria – Officers Meeting

Join us on Thursday, 25 April 2019 at 7 PM at Los Tres Gallegos for our next Officers Meeting. The rough timeline of events will see the meeting open with a segment for populace comments. Afterwards Officer Reports, Old Business, and New Business will continue for the agenda. The meeting will close with a summary. …

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DEMO: Volunteer Packet for El Paso Street Fest 5, 6 & 7 October

Here is a PDF with information about the Street Fest 2018 event for those coming to help us with the Demo. Feel free to print it out or save it on your phone. Please read through it! It will answer a lot of questions. I will respond with RTFP (Read the Fantastic PDF) if those …

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DEMO Alert: El Paso Street Fest Demo 5, 6 and 7 October

Alright, folks. This one is for all the marbles. This will be our biggest Demo yet with Street Fest seeing well over 18,000 attendees. Exposure like this is a huge deal for us and the SCA at large. It’s also going to be somewhat of a logistical challenge.

DEMO ALERT: Demo at MGS for KLAQ 95.5 FM

Brandon from the Morning Show at KLAQ 95.5 FM is hosting part of his public Bachelor Party at Military Gamer Supply and the SCA has been invited to provide a demo to help promote participation at the Street Fest coming up in October. The Demo is scheduled for 14 September at MGS and will include …

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DEMO ALERT: Imperial Brigade Military Ball

The 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade has requested support from Citadel for their Military Ball on the 21st of September. Citadel has of course answered the call and will be providing support in several ways from a Fighter and A&S Demo to direct participation in their Military Ball. The Baron and Baroness will be treated …

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