August Arts & Sciences Night, Monday, August 13, 2018: Courtesy in the SCA

Courtesy is our organization’s most cherished virtue and one of the aspects of noble behavior that we try to encourage within the SCA. Courtesy is the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others; for the most part, common sense and being polite will go a long way.
The core of courtesy has not changed since the Middle Ages. Being courteous simply means being nice to each other, respecting each other’s feelings, and treating people as you want to be treated. What makes courtesy different in the SCA is that we try to add courtly embellishments such as bowing, curtsying and hand kissing.
Join us as we present a primer for SCA Courtesy. This is a class not only for newcomers, but also for veteran players as we have a round table and share a discussion about what medieval courtesy is and how we behave in the SCA. We will also spend some time on discussing the concept of retinue and it’s role in these current middle ages.
Join us and share your experiences with newcomers and veterans alike, 13 August at 07 PM–10 PM at 9900 Chinaberry Drive, El Paso, 79925