Arts and Science Night 8/9

Good Evening friends, Here I am to Announce that in 2 weeks time, we will be having another A&S Class where all you have to do is show up, and you leave with……………..

YES!!! Tired of walking around holding your phone and your wallet? Or maybe putting them into your bag, or basket and not being able to find them at the opportune moment? ( that moment that would be the perfect picture?) Or maybe your outfit is not up to you expectation? Well say no more!!! Cause on Friday August 9th, we will having a citadel A&S Night at HE Bernardo’s Royal Estate from 6 pm till 10 pm!

here are a few example of this simple looking style of pouch in some art that i have found

This guy has a Bollock dagger in the space between the belt straps, and the back of the pouch.

This guy is cool, he has all sorts of cool things hanging from his belt.
HEEEEYYYY!!! This guy seems to be holding some Rattan…. I feel bad for who ever he is going to fight.

Also if you do not feel like making the belt pouch that we are going to be doing, that’s OK, you are still more than welcome, and encouraged to come out and chill, drink a pint, fight a griffon or a dragon, work on your own craft (preferably this option, we don’t need anything happening to HE’s humble abode).