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Southern Pass Faire – Feast

Lady Adelina de Surdeval will be preparing a fantastic feast that will be available after our last court of the evening! Seating for feast is limited! Please email reservations to with your name, the number of feast reservations you need, and any food preferences or allergies you might have!



  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Olives

1st Course

  • Salad with Oil & Vinegar
  • Pickled Pears

2nd Course

  • Beef Stew
  • Onion Tarts
  • Stuffed Eggs (Hard-boiled eggs, stuffed with cheese and spices, and then fried)
  • Vegetable Stew will be available on a VERY limited basis! Please request the vegetarian option when making your reservation!

3rd course

  • Chicken breast, cooked in honey. Served with a white wine, garlic, and thyme sauce on the side.
  • Jeweled Rice
  • Asparagus and Onions, cooked in saffron.


A side table will be available with desserts, and there will be a dessert competition held at the end of the feast, judged by the populace! Bring your best dessert and join the competition!

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