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Competition Rules St. Edrik

Citadel A&S Champion Competition Rules

1. Citadel of the Southern Pass Arts and Sciences Competition is open to all persons attending the
2. No item may be entered which has previously won or placed in any other Outlands Kingdom A&S
3. Entries will not be divided into categories unless there are a sufficient number of entries.
4. Individuals may enter as many items as they wish.
5. Awards will be for single items not for individuals.
6. There will be a first place award for the item with the highest points. The highest scoring member
of the Barony will be the new Baronial A&S Champion.
7. All items must have 2 copies of documentation which should include: A general description,
Method of construction, and information relating to its authentic and/or Anachronistic value and use.
8.Awards will be based on the standard judging criteria as follows:
Documentation (0 -10 points)
Authenticity (0 – 10 points)
Creativity (0 – 10 points)
Complexity or the ambition of the attempt (0 – 10 points)
Workmanship or the success of the attempt (0 – 10 points)
9. Tie scores will be reconciled by voting by all the judges.
10. Entrants will be receiving their commentary at the end of the day of competition.
11. Each entrant must be on site and should preferably be available to speak with the judges.
12. Entries MUST be in their final state by the time of the Competition.
13. The entrant shall complete all work. If the entry is a group effort, this must be clearly noted in
the documentation.
14. Actual pieces must be entered – no photographs or reproductions will be accepted.
15. Items manufactured from kits are not eligible for entry; however, templates may be used.
16. The Baronial Minister of Arts & Sciences and designated representatives reserve the right to
make exceptions to the above rules on a case-by- case basis.
17. Entries must be on site and checked in by one hour after the site opens on the day of the event.


Citadel Youth A&S Contest Rules

1. The Citadel of the Southern Pass Youth Arts and Sciences Contest is open to
any person attending the event less than 16 years old.
2. The item must be usable in the SCA.
3. Documentation is not required but is encouraged. Docs should include a short
description of the item, a description of the construction, and information
concerning its use in period.
4. Awards are for single items not for individuals
5. Individuals may enter as many items as they wish.
6. Judging is by Populace Choice.
7. There will be a first place award for the item with the most points. The member
of the Barony with the highest scoring item will be the new Baronial Youth A&S
8. Items must be finished by the entrant.
9. Items must be actual pieces not photographs, etc.
10. The Baronial A&S Minister or their delegated deputies reserve the right to
reconcile tie votes and make exceptions to the rules.
11. Entries must be checked into the site by one hour after the site opens.



Desert Competition

Open the any category each entrance must provide dessert for judging and enough of the same desert on a side dish to feed 15. It’s open to beronio Residents and non-residents.

Winner need not be present to enter or win. Will be judged by a panel of three based on the following criteria:

1. Appearance
2. Taste
3. Presentation
4. Construction
5. Overall judges enjoyment