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Citadel Hastilude

Their most Noble Excellencies




Baron and Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass, wish to invite one and all to the second annual Citadel Hastilude, a day filled with all manner of martial activities as well as The Citadel of the Southern Pass’ Arts & Sciences Competition.  Many opportunities will there be for great martial feats on the field of honor!  For heavy fighters there will be a crest tournament, for light fighters a Rapier and Cut & Thrust tournament, plus archery competitions.

The event will be held at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Anthony, New Mexico (7050 McNutt) on Saturday and Sunday, June 19th, 20th and 21st, 2015.  Site opens at 3 PM on Friday and closes at 3 PM on Sunday. (Map)

The site fee will be $10 for members with an additional $5 fee for non-members.

Members – $10

Non-Members – $15

This is a dry site.

Fire Restrictions limit the use of fires to the main fire pit and fire places off the ground according to the site owner.

There is crash space available for those who require it.

For more information please contact Bernardo dei Medici (Brandon Sivret) at (608) 695-5418 or by email at

Schedule of Activities for Citadel Hastilude

Friday, 19th of June

3:00 PM – Site Opens

Late Evening – Bardic Circle

Saturday, 20th of June

Event and tournament winners will be announced at Evening Court

9:00 AM – Opening Court

List opens for Crest Tourney immediately following recess of court

Archery Range opens immediately following recess of court

A&S Competition Registration and Baker’s Dozen submission begins immediately following recess of court and goes until noon

10:00 AM – Crest Tourney

10:00 AM until Noon – Children’s Classes

10:30 AM – List Opens for Rapier Tournament

11:30 AM – Rapier Tournament

12:00 PM – A&S Competition Judging begins; Populace Choice and Silent Auction begins for Baker’s Dozen

12:30 PM – Master Adam’s Class on Virtues

1:00 PM – HE Christopher Devereux’s Vigil begins

1:30 PM – Donation Lunch

2:30 PM – Lunch ends

3:00 PM – A&S Competition Judging ends; Populace Choice and Silent Auction ends for Baker’s Dozen

3:00 PM – Archery Tournament (and Fighter Pickup Matches)

3:00 PM – HE Christopher Devereux’s Vigil ends

3:00 PM – List Opens for Cut and Thrust Tournament

4:00 PM – Cut and Thrust Tournament (Votes tallied for A&S Competition)

Archery Range closes

5:30 PM – Evening Court

7:30 PM – List Opens for Torchlight Knife Fight Tournament

8:30 PM – Torchlight Knife Fight Tournament

Hafla immediately following the end of the Torchlight Knife Fight Tournament

Sunday, 21st of June

9:00 AM – List Opens for Father’s Day Tournament

10:00 AM – Father’s Day Tournament (Heavy, Light and A&S Speed Tournament)

3:00 PM Site Closes

Martial Activities

Armored Combat Tournaments

The Crest Tournament!

In the Crest tournament fighters wear crests on their helmets and dress up in all their fighting finery.  The crest should be attached firmly, but not so firmly that it cannot be removed by knocking it off or askew, if it is a flexible crest. A flexible crest must have a rigid base that is a minimum of 2″ high.  If the crest is rigid, it should be possible with a good blow to knock it off, break it, or knock it askew.  Crests can be made of any semi-rigid material so long as it poses no danger of injury to either combatant.  Paper machete, plaster of Paris or foam could all be used, for example.

At the beginning of the tournament, the fighters process before the crowd, so that all may admire the crests and judge which their favorite is.  Once the fighting begins, fighters will proceed to attempt to knock the crests off of each other’s helmets.  Due to its unique nature, the tournament will be single elimination, with the fighter being eliminated once his or her crest is less than 6″ high.  The 6″ is measured from the top of the helmet.  The weapon forms allowed are sword and shield, Florentine, single sword or great sword.

Awards will be given for:

  • The winner of the tournament,
  • The best crest,
  • The Best fighter death, and
  • The best crest death

Rapier Tournaments

Rapier Tournament

This will be a standard rapier tournament.

Cut and Thrust Tournament

This will be a standard cut& thrust tournament following normal SCA and Kingdom conventions.

Archery Competitions

Other Martial Activities

Father’s Day Tournament

In celebration of Father’s Day there shall be a series of speed tournaments ranging from light and heavy to arts and sciences.  Details will be provided the day of the tournament.

Baronial Arts and Sciences Competitions

Citadel A&S Competition Rules —  July 2014

Welcome! All are Invited to Enter and Compete to be Baronial A&S Champion!

1. Citadel of the Southern Pass Arts and Sciences Competition is open to all.

2. No item may be entered which has previously won or placed in any other Outlands Kingdom A&S


3. Entries will not be divided into categories unless there are a sufficient number of entries.

4. Individuals may enter as many items as they wish.

5. There will be a first and second place overall award.

6. Awards will be for single items not for individuals.

7. All items must have 2 copies of documentation which should include: A general description,

Method of construction, and information relating toits authentic and/or Anachronistic value and use.

8.Awards will be based on the standard judging criteria as follows:

Documentation (0 -10 points)

Authenticity (0 – 10 points)

Creativity (0 – 10 points)

Complexity or the ambition of the attempt (0 – 10 points)

Workmanship or the success of the attempt (0 – 10 points)

9. Tie scores will be reconciled by voting by all the judges.

10. Entrants will be receiving their commentary at the end of the day of competition.

11. Each entrant must be on site and should preferably be available to speak with the judges.

12. Entries MUST be in their final state by the time of the Competition.

13. The entrant shall complete all work. If the entry is a group effort, this must be clearly noted in

the documentation.

14. Actual pieces must be entered – no photographs or reproductions will be accepted.

15. Items manufactured from kits are not eligible for entry; however, templates may be used.

16. The Baronial Minister of Arts & Sciences and designated representatives reserve the right to

make exceptions to the above rules on a case-by-case basis.

17. Entries must be on site and checked in by one hour after the site opens on the day of the event.


Baker’s Dozen Largesse Drive

When: Citadel Hastilude

Why? To Spread Art and beauty and show off the bounty of our Barony!

The Rules:

All entrants must create 13 items based on a theme that are suitable for largesse.

The following are examples, but not a complete list of choices. Be creative, do what you do best!

-13 Identical Hats

-13 Leather Bottles

-13 children’s toys such as cloth dolls, wooden Norse ponies..etc.

—13 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs

One item from each entry will be auctioned off in a silent auction to benefit the Baronial Funds.

All entries must be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the competition (Made by: SCA Name, from (Barony/shire) Kingdom)

Items need not be document-able, this is not an Arts and Sciences competition

Items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be given to other areas

Judging will be done by the ‘beads in a cup’ method by the populace at large.

Tokens will be provided for all participants, that includes the entrants and the judges.

Artisans! Get your entries ready! Start Crafting!