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Citadel Baronial Fair and Social

Baronial Fair & Social
Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass
OPENS: 12:00PM   CLOSES: 5:00PM
Braden Aboud – Marwood Shelter
4325 Riverbend Drive, El Paso, Texas 79922

Event Steward: Berold de Gilbert (Barry Boetto)

Site Fee: Adult Member Registration: $10
Adult Registration: $15 (Get $5 off, courtesy of House Gilbert)
Ages 6-16: $5
Under 5 yrs: Free
Family Cap of $25
Make checks payable to “SCA Inc – Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass”
Site is Dry

Greet the day one and all!

Summer is upon us and the last place one would usually wish to be in the summer is in the Deep Southern Reaches of the Kingdom…

But wait!

What if there was an event held in doors where the heat of the summer sun could not penetrate?
What if that event featured dancing, yes, DANCING?
What if that event also featured a place where one could bring slightly used or unused items useful in our recreating our pastyme like camping equipment, armor, costumes, fabric, accessories, foot ware and all other sorts of items no longer wanted or needed by their owners but perhaps useful to someone new in the Society?
What if you could BARTER for those items by bringing your own to use as bartering material?
(And if you have nothing to barter, then cash I am sure would be appreciated although cash may not be exchanged on site…more on that at the event).

Then come and visit with Shayk Tariq and Shayka Elieth in the Citadel of the Southern Pass and partake of all that is written above!

On Saturday, June 11th, the Citadel will hold a Baronial Fair and Social!
The Fair; to trade, barter and swap and the Social; well, to be social and dance, yes, DANCE!
Light fair and finger foods will be served throughout the event and cool drinks will be available.

The event will take a meager 5 hours from the day, from 12:00 PM until 5:00 PM, and we are hoping for 5 hours of dancing, yes, DANCING and bartering!

AND — because this is a Social and social means “of or relating to society or its organization” and the best way to be social and have those new to the Society join us is to be inviting, ALL *Adult Registration* costs which used to be a fee for those not members of the Society, will be discounted through a donation by House Gilbert of the Citadel!

Directions: From I-10 East take the Sunland Park Drive Exit and take a right onto to Sunland Park Drive (Left if coming I-10 West). From Sundland Park Drive, take a right onto Doniphan Drive, then a left onto Frontera Road. Take a right onto River Bend Drive and the Park will be on your right. Take another right onto Roxbury Drive and the shelter will be to your immediate right with parking available in front.

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